A New App Lets you Share….. your STD status???

16 Feb

We get it, sexual health is super important. As much as we’d like none of those sexually transmitted diseases to exist, they do and everybody needs to be mindful about them. It’s also important that people don’t spread them and that they do have those conversations when needed…. but an app?

It’s called  Qpid.me and this is how it works.  You sign up for the app and input some basic information. You also agree to allow your doctor to release medical records to the app.  The app then sends an e-fax to your doctor and when you get your test results you are provided a link. You can send that link one time to a potential partner.

Now, the app sends your results and a little disclaimer saying to practice safe sex and that the person could have had sex between getting tested and getting the results.  So instead of having a conversation about it, your potential hook-up gets your results and it’s a done deal.

Do you like this idea? We’re curious about what you think?!

One Response to “A New App Lets you Share….. your STD status???”

  1. C February 18, 2013 at 10:58 am #

    I understand the appeal of this app, but that’s an incredibly personal thing. I’d much rather get tested and have my results sent to me directly, without my phone service being involved.

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