Make Valentine’s Day Perfect

6 Feb

This holiday causes men to sweat. Not in a good way. What to do, what to do? How to make this the perfect day to end with mind-blowing sex? Let me help!

First of all, don’t wait till the last-minute. This advice might make you say…Well, Duh! You would be surprised by the number of men who come in between 2pm and 6pm on Valentine’s Day and then get testy when the lingerie has been picked over. Don’t be That Guy. And if you ARE That Guy, don’t be a dick when you come in. We are here to help and will make sure to pick out that sexy, little number that will make her smile. No, it might not be what you were thinking of, but it will get you laid.

Ok, here is the perfect situation. Visit the store on a Monday. Monday is typically the slower day prior to the holiday, so you will have more one-on-one time with the sales girl. Don’t go for the ordinary. If she likes red, then buy something red, but don’t buy something that she will go WTF? Not wearing that! Several brands make chemises and baby dolls just for the conservative woman who wants to be a bit edgier. No matter what your partner’s body issues, a chemise will make her feel like a million bucks. Don’t forget the fishnet hose, either. Most brands include the stockings with the lingerie. Bonus savings! Lingerie…Done!

Now comes the fun part. Flavored lube. Why flavored? Because if you end up in a 69, you get a yummy bonus! Make sure to go for the System Jo brand. It is made for women and their sensitive parts. Chocolate is our best seller. However, watermelon and strawberry are popular, too. Flavored body butter works really well, too.

Don’t go home without a pretty vibrator. You don’t have to break the bank here. Think about what your goal is. Do you want her to have something that she can use only with you? Vibrating cock-ring is the right item for you. Do you want something the both of you can use? The Wild G is perfect…not too expensive, not too cheap, will last awhile. Will give her hours of fun.

All of this will cost you less than $150. Not a bad investment for something that will give both of you hours of pleasure.

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