Position of the Week – The Sexy V

4 Aug

This week’s sexual position is a bit challenging just because it requires some flexibility. It offers plenty of access for the man and deep penetration for the woman. All you need is a bed of adequate height or a sturdy table… you get the picture.

The woman scoots all the way to the edge and put her legs on her man’s shoulders. The man’s penis should be at the height to enter without a lot of fussing, so keep that in mind while finding a place to play. And, don’t try to cheat and think that just putting your legs in this position works without you being on the edge of something – it’s different, just trust us!

You can recline all the way on your back or prop yourself up with your elbows. Each positioning of your arms and torso changes the way things feel, so have fun and tells us how this sexy position works for you!

2 Responses to “Position of the Week – The Sexy V”

  1. Ed December 10, 2012 at 10:27 am #

    I found the uniqueness of this position by accident, having tired of vanilla sex I wanted to try something new, I wanted free hands and complete access to her body. Since we were in Casino hotel with different furniture available I slid her to the edge of the bed and lined up for what turned out to be Just what I wanted… started with a tease, just lined up and placed it where the head was barely inside her and worked it in and out real slow..after a minute of this tease she started trying to get it all inside…I accommodated her by taking her legs and lifting them straight up and sliding in until my balls were touching, she went absolutely nuts…I then grabbed both nipples and gave them a gentle tug to which she screamed and began to convulse internally…I continued to explore things and found several more things that caused her to cry out in pleasure and finally I placed her legs together while still inside and found my own personal heaven in the process, I came as hard as I did at 17 which was long ago…my knees got weak and I was spent….

  2. outlet December 19, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

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