Sex Challenge of the Week – Day-long Dirty Phone Call

21 Nov

cell_phone_calling_manFor this week’s sex challenge we’re urging you to get back to basics. There is nothing wrong with dressing up, playing around and even using props. But, there is also nothing wrong with going simple. Let us introduce the day-long dirty phone call.

Here is how it works.You and your guy spend time, throughout the entire day, flirting over the phone. Sexy comments, innuendos, suggestions, self-pleasuring while they listen….. heck, even throw in a few dirty texts for good record.The goal is to ramp up expectations and drag out the suspense.

There is something wonderful about delayed gratification. To get the most out of this, pick a day when you and your partner are not going to be seeing each other much. You know, those busy days where you can’t seem to make time to chat, much less connect?

Once you’ve tried it, let us know how it worked for you! All you need is a few moments here or there to make this challenge work!

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